Subrat Rout

Full Stack Web Developer

Personal Information

  • Name: Subrat Rout
  • GitHub: subratrout
  • Twitter: subratrout
  • Stack Overflow: /users/1457646/subrat-rout
  • Status: Permanent resident, USA
  • Location: San Jose, CA
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About Me

Self taught web developer. Passionate about programming, web development, solving problems related to healthcare and social entrepreneurship. Currently, I have gone through Front End web development NanoDegree program from Udacity and Full Stack Web developer program at Coding Dojo, San Jose, CA focused on Ruby on Rails stack and MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular & NodeJS).

I have a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine, Masters in Biotechnology from India and PhD in Virology from University of Maryland. I have worked in academia, non-profits, biotech industry and Government settings mostly related to healthcare field in drug discovery, biotechnology and regulatory affairs. My goal and passion are to build and contribute towards building a system/product my field that will not only improve the current human condition in healthcare system but also prolong the average life span of human being and ultimately making things/products to be available to all people on the planet irrespective of their socio-economic status.


Work Experience

2013- Present

Web Developer

Medical Device Hub, Full-Time

Medical Device Hub is a web portal that aggregates information on Medical Devices available worldwide. MedicalDeviceHub's mission, and the focus around the world, is to improve the quality of health care by collecting high quality information on innovative, high-quality medical device products from medical device manufacturers and providing it to users and patients. Our emphasis is on our users' satisfaction.Our organization's mission is to demonstrate world class service, and be a responsible entity for providing value to the local as well as global communities.

  • More than 140,000 medical devices listed.
  • More than 24,000 medical device manufacturers listed
  • Detailed info. and instruction videos on Medical device with specifications relevant to customers
  • Automated the device warning and alert system

April 2011 - August 2013

Commissioner's Fellow

US Food and Drug Administration, Full-Time

As a Commissioner's Fellow at US FDA where I acquired experiences and skills on following areas. Worked on development and validation of a liquid mid-density microarray assay for the detection of food-borne enteric viruses using Luminex® xMAPTM technology. Completed courses on clinical trial design including patient enrollment and data collection (Phase I-III) for a new drug application (NDA), Premarket notification document (510K) document design and preparation of medical devices in different therapeutic areas Developed and validated (using single lab method) a liquid mid-density micro array assay . Prepared the study protocol to ensure that risks are minimized, the selection of subjects was equitable, all proper documents included and in accordance with regulation. Completed Food and Drug Law (ORAU): Criminal Act violations, Courtroom Testimony, FDA Jurisdictions, judicial actions, prohibited actions, FDA exports and imports, Food microbiological control. GCP, GLP, Quality System Compliance, Post-market activities. Obtained knowledge through various key courses in clinical research and FDA regulations

  • Clinical trial design and Patient enrollment
  • Premarket notification document (510K) document design and preparation
  • qPCR and various molecular biology techniques in lab.


2014 - 2015


Front End Web Developer NanoDegree

Nanodegree is a project based degree program designed to gain a working knowledge of the three foundational languages that power each and every website: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This program is meant to learn how to build beautiful, responsive websites optimized for security and performance, and see the efforts of your work with each click of the browser’s refresh button! During this program I have built six portfolio projects.

2015 - 2015

Coding Dojo

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp.

Coding Dojo’s onsite coding bootcamp teaches a complete 3 full stack curriculum for 12 weeks, which is the most extensive computer programming course in the industry. By covering the industry’s most in-demand web development technologies and languages within the LAMP, MEAN and Ruby on Rails stacks, it not only teaches students how to code, but they also immerse them in the full scope of the subject matter.


University of Maryland, College Park.

PhD, Virology

  • MedicaldeviceHub

    Medical Device Hub is built with Ruby on Rails framwork using PostGRESQL database. With built-in login and registration it lists more than 150,000 medical devices with how to use vidoes and consumer's feedback etc. It also aggregates and updates information on Medical Devices available worldwide including early warning and adverse events.

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    This was the third project in Udacity's Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree. The purpose of this project was to gain experience with object-oriented programming. This is one my favorite project of the Nanodegree projects.

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Technical Skills


Html5 & Css3

Advance, 2 years

Responsive Web Design, Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, HTTP Request/Response,



Advanced, 2 years

jQuery, jQuery UI/Mobile, CoffeeScript, knockout.js



Proficient, 2 years

Relational database design, ERD/Database design, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL database such as MongoDB.


Back-end Development

Beginner, 2 years

Service Oriented Architecture(SOA), MVC Framework, Custom API/crawlers, API integration,Web Security Deployment, Load Testing, and Scaling of Web Apps


Ruby on Rails Stack

Proficient, 2.5 years

Ruby on Rails, HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript, Ajax in Rails, Rails, Test Driven Development, Relational Mapper, Deployment of Rails app in Heroku and AWS.


MEAN Stack

Intermediate, 1.5 years

MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js, Socket.IO, Redis


LAMP Stack

Beginer, 1 year

PHP and MySQL, OOP with PHP, MVC with PHP (CodeIgniter), Cloud Server Management, Basic JavaScript,Ajax in PHP.



Beginner, 1 year

AWS Application Management, AWS machine Learning


We as a life form are destined to go through both good times and bad times. We are all constantly working hard to strive for the best and doing things with passions that matter to us.The enigma is that without common interests, or fields of work or friends we probably won't ever cross paths. So if it's something that matters you most or interesting to share or talk about then drop me a few lines.

San Jose, CA
United States of America
Tel: +1 234 567 8910